COVID (Onboard Security Procedures and Cancellation Policy) / F.A.Q.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if, due to Covid desease or restrictions, I have to cancel my booking ?

In the event of a diagnosed Covid 19 disease or of its possible direct consequences (such as quarantine or travel ban) or in case of entry/exit restrictions by local or national authorities, the Charter Company will evaluate with you the following options:

  1. Change the port of embarkation and/or disembarkation or change the cruise area to avoid any restrictions imposed by local or national authorities and allow you not to give up your holiday in the chosen period.
  2. Change the rental period up to a date not exceeding 12 months after the first day of the initial rental period.
  3. If none of the aforementioned roads is feasible, the Charter Company will immediately reimburse all the sums paid up to that moment as a rental, without interest, and without deductions or penalties with the exception of expenses for purchases of provisions or expenses incurred and paid in advance by the Charter Company on your behalf.

Which anti-COVID procedures are applied on Red Carpet?

Given that in the current pandemic situation the boat has become the safest place to go on vacation, all the anti-COVID procedures suggested by the Italian Ministry of Health are strictly followed on Red Carpet.

In details:

  • The crew periodically undergoes the swab to ensure their guests that they are not positive for the virus.
  • Before and after each charter the boat is sanitized with Ozone of which many international organizations including the E.F.S.A. (European Food Safety Authority) and the F.D.A. (Food and Drug Administration) recognize the sterilizing power thanks to its oxidizing capacity which has a bactericidal, fungicidal, and inactivating function of the viruses;
  • Before and after each charter the external parts of the boat are disinfected with special detergent solutions.
  • The body temperature of the crew and guests are measured and recorded daily in the logbook.
  • Onboard guests find disinfectant gels and medical protective devices at their disposal.

What kind of bag would you recommend?

Taking into consideration that the bags will be stored in the holds and that the room available is limited, the more handy is the baggage the more room will be available for you both in the cabins and in the common areas. The only important thing is having an easy to carry and flexible bag. We strongly advise not to carry trolleys that are definitely too difficult to store. Handbags and backpacks are perfect instead and they will be useful also on ground tours.

How is life on board organized?

The captain will give you the main info you may want to know during the briefing session that will also be a pleasant way to introduce and know each other. Even if Red Carpet is equipped with every comfort and has large spaces,  life onboard necessarily includes sharing common areas so it is important to be respectful of other’s needs. It will not be difficult to enjoy these spaces since Red Carpet is equipped to suit every need! One thing is for sure and never to forget: follow your captain’s advice and you will never go wrong. Don’t hesitate to ask questions, even those you might think are stupid: they never are and will be important to make your life on board comfortable and unforgettable.

I have no sailing or life on board experience, is it an issue?

Absolutely not, you are very welcome! Usually, neophytes are always the most open to advice and learning. So if you choose to board on Red Carpet and practice sailing and deep-sea navigation, the captain will be at your disposal…there is no better way to learn sailing ..than sailing! If you are not interested in sailing technics, you can dedicate yourself to an equally enjoyable and relaxing sport: sunbathing on the very comfortable stern chaise longues or on bow cuscions, bathing and swimming in the sea and ..eating good food! During navigation relax and enjoy the landscapes, you will have nothing to worry about! If you already have sailing experience or want to deepen your knowledge, the captain will be more than enthusiastic to share his experience with you, being, by the way, RYA Cruising Instructor.

I am afraid of being sea-sick, what should I do?

The Red Carpet above the deck is very large and comfortable so, if you avoid staying inside your cabin and remain outside, you will immediately feel ok. If you prefer to have seasickness medications with you, such as patches or bracelets, you can bring them on board. In case of need, we will give you advice on how to manage any slight discomfort you may have once you have just boarded… The body center of gravity suddenly changes and someone may be affected, but it will be quickly gone. Eating often, little and simple food helps a lot … the first bath in a bay, the wind and the sun will do the rest!!

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